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No Residue Truck Mounted Steam Cleaning

All American Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning Does It Right The First Time!!

One of the first things you’ll notice about hot water steam extraction is that it provides a deep down cleaning. Other systems do not suck the dirt out of the house, we do and we can show you the dirt. Other methods only clean the surface of the carpet and not the inner fiber where the dirt is trapped and hides. On the contrary, when you use hot water extraction, 200+ degree water is injected at speed deep down into the fiber pretreaters breaking down and suspending the soil, greases, pet stains, drinks and food particles. Then our powerful blowers provide massive suction to remove the suspended soils, lift it up, and remove it out of your home. The result is  ultra clean pristine clean. Your dry time varies depending on how soiled the carpet is, but is still drys fast and efficient. And you see and know your carpet fiber is clean.

Hot Water Extraction Leaves No Residues

The most important thing to consider when cleaning your carpet with chemical, foamer, carbonated or a dry cleaning systems is all the residue that is left behind. If you dont rinse the carpet with fresh water where do the cleaners they use go? No where, they don"t actually remove the cleaners they use, those cleaners leave massive amounts of residue accelerating soiling.’the smell of the substance used can also linger.

All American Carpet Cleaning and Upholstery Cleaning uses Bio degradable cleaners to break up the soil, they are FREE RINSING (easily removed with water), And self neutralizing. Therefore we remove all of the cleaners we use, which leaves your carpet residue-free every time. There is a small side note. We do offer and recommend ScotchGuard Advaced Carpet Protector it is applied after the cleaning to enhace the carpets resistance to wear and staining.

This method is environmentally friendly

Our pricing is simple, we charge by the room or item. Click on the blue specials button above for our basic pricing. Call us with any questions!

Serving Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell and Boise, ID and all surrounding cities from Ontario to Mountain Home.
We use a truck-mounted steam cleaning system to deep clean your carpet to:

  • Eliminate odors of all kinds including pet
  • Our custom pre-treaters remove pet, drink, traffic and daily use stains
  • Restore the texture and feel to like new
  • All without leaving any unwanted residue or toxic cleaners in your carpet

You'll feel like you're walking on new carpet again. Restore the look of your carpets by calling 208-407-8889 today for commercial and residential carpet cleaning.