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Carpet Cleaning Specials

Pick A Level That Fits Your Needs

Light Soiling

Light Maintenance Level Clean

Light Soil Cleaning No Visible Spots

Do you clean your carpets often? More than once a year? Do your carpets have only minor small spots? This is the cleaning you want. Minimum of $99.00 or 4 Rooms. You move the furniture we can go around anything else. Includes Deodorizer (Non Pet) Add additional rooms for only $25.00

Moderate Soiling

Medium Soiling Level

Moderately Soiled Some Spots,Spills, Traffic Patterns

Do you clean once a year? Spots very noticeable? Traffic patterns out of kitchen, halls, etc? This is what you need. Minimum Of $99.00 or 3 Rooms. Add Additional Rooms For Only $35.00

Heavy Soiling

Heavier Soiling Level

Heavy Soiling Many spots and deep traffic patterns

You know your carpet is a different color? Its been over a year or you cant remember when you cleaned last? The spots and traffic patterns kind of blend together? We can help ...we have the cleaners and equipment to restore most carpet, even neglected carpet. Challenge us, put us to the test. If you think the only thing you can do is replace it, let us take on a room. No we can remove everything, but it is amazing what we can. Minimum of $99.00 or 2 Rooms Additional rooms only $45.00.

Pet Urine and Odor Control and Decontamination

Pet Urine and Odor Control and Decontamination

Pet Problems Let Us Help

Whether you have, once had, or wish you didn't have pets? We have the best pet problem products available. We understand just cleaning your carpets wont solve the odor problem. It take special skill and products, and a machine that sucks out the urine. Products to specifically neutralize the actual problem. Its not about one product, its about a series of steps and products to fix it. Tell us About your issue and let us tell you the best path to take to the solution. Its cheaper that replacing the carpet. Sub Surface And Floor Cleaning Available.