4 Standard Rooms for $99Light Soiling

4 Standard Rooms for $99
Light Soiling

This is for well maintained carpet no real spots or traffic patterns.

$35.00 per roomModerate Soiling

$35.00 per room
Moderate Soiling

Includes med pretreater, and deodorizer. Moderate soiling is seeing spots with some traffic patterns. Cleaning at 8-12 month mark.

Minimum of 3 rooms.

$45.00 per roomHeavy Soiling No Pet

$45.00 per room
Heavy Soiling No Pet

Been a while since it was cleaned, a lot of spots, heavy patterns and wear. Includes the best heavy spot treatment, per aggitation, and deep rotary power head extraction.

Minimum of 2 rooms.

$55.00 per roomStandard Pet Decontamination

$55.00 per room
Standard Pet Decontamination

Naughty pets moderate accidents that you can't keep up on. Includes all the heavy clean and added pet urine rinse, enzyme Decontamination, and disinfectant. Heavy pet issues may have added costs.

Per room minimum of 2 rooms. When Added To Any Of Our Primary Cleanings

Optional Services and Products

Optional Services and Products

Protectant, Odor Control, Specialty Spots, Hardwood Polish, Tile and Grout.